Sandrine Angelo is a student fellow of the Jewish Art Salon. She is a member of Atypies Ordinaires, a French collective of neuroatypical female artists.

Sandrine Angelo by Alfredo Salazar

Sandrine Angelo is a visual artist from Cameroon and the Italian diaspora of Tunisia. She studied fine arts at Saint Luke institute in Belgium. Her works create a dialogue between art and humanities. Inspired by various anthropological subjects like childhood and spirituality, she tries to create simple forms as expressions of existential thoughts. She has exhibited her artworks at the Fondation maison des sciences de l’Homme in Paris and the University palace of Strasbourg.

“Inspired by Japanese photographs as well as the concept of decisive moment, I always compose my photographs in the viewfinder with a high constrast monochrome filter. I never work on my photographs after that creative fraction of second, seeking the unpredictabe wealth of life. I keep the same spirit for my paintings and my short films. My quest is the beautiful and painful truths of the human kind.”