I’m a visual artist living between Helsinki (Finland) and Jerusalem (Israel).


I first studied Fine Arts at Saint-Luke Institute (Belgium) before devoting myself to painting and photography. In my artistic practice, I explore the representation of simple forms as expressions of deep emotions and thoughts.

Influenced by mythological and religious symbols, I create abstract painting made of imperfect forms floating in an indeterminate space. In these monochrome fields, colored forms are carved like primitive sculptures, evanescent clouds or ancient ostracas that have passed through the centuries. They are both an object of veneration and a writing medium: each painting is a prayer, a conversation brought back by the memory of peoples, a poetry, a song that the Ancients  have passed down unto us.

Inspired by Japanese photographs as well as the concept of decisive moment I always compose my photographs in the viewfinder with a high constrast monochrome filter. I never work on my photographs after that creative fraction of second, seeking the unpredictabe wealth of life.